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Welcome to Miniature Artworks USA, where we believe that every stamp is a tiny art masterpiece! 

We aim to be the best in the market

At Miniature Artworks USA, we understand that consumers want to build their collections with the confidence they’ve received thoroughly researched, verified and correct advice and guidance. Our portfolio managers work continuously to broaden their knowledge base in order to make you comfortable with each addition to your collection. When we achieve that goal, we know we are the best in the marketplace!

We are guided by learning your goals for your collection and helping you to locate and select the finest stamps available that best suit your wishes. Our 30-day money-back guarantee on each and every stamp purchase is evidence that we stand behind our guidance, judgment and recommendations to your satisfaction and enjoyment.

We’ll give you our best service each and every time

No matter what your personal interests might be – flowers, historical figures, social causes, music, literature and more – there will likely be stamps that reflect those interests. We enjoy helping to locate the stamps you most enjoy and we will be able to point out how potential stamp purchases will enhance the value of your collection for the future. Miniature Artworks USA will only sell stamps we have thoroughly researched and obtained from the most reputable sources. We deal only in the highest grade stamps available. Why? Because lesser-grade stamps do nothing good for your collection or for our reputation.

Your portfolio manager will be in regular contact with you to discuss your collection. He or she will help you to follow the year-to-year value of your stamps consulting the Scott Catalogue (world-recognized stamp value authority) for authentication.

Aren’t all stamp companies about the same?

In a word, “NO!” The hallmark of a responsible, reliable stamp company is the knowledge base of its staff. The portfolio managers at Miniature Artworks USA are full-time experts who continually pursue professional growth. Whether consulting the most authoritative publications on philately, visiting stamp shows and estate sales, participating in stamp clubs and online forums or attending lectures presented by regarded stamp experts, our staff actively seeks more and better information to better serve you. We pride ourselves in being able to tell our clients where we get our information and how they may verify it. When we deliver your tiny art masterpiece, we want you to know everything there is to know about it!