Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy 2017-09-19T14:33:24-06:00

privacy-policy-01Mini Artworks USA values your business and applies the highest level of diligence to keeping safe any information you have entrusted with us. Security is an integral part of our operations. At Mini Artworks USA we employ many methods of security that work together to keep our customers’ identification safe. This includes our website, email and database systems that receive, store and transmit your personal information.

As a matter of policy, we will not sell, give or trade your private information under any circumstances to any individual or company whatsoever. We do not ever send unsolicited email. Your personal details, including email address, are not stored unprotected on a web or mail server.

Mini Artworks USA uses web cookies only to collect demographic information about who is visiting our website, how often guests come to the site and how long they stay for a visit. This helps us to keep our website as educational, appealing and entertaining as we can possibly make it. None of your personally identifiable information is associated with third party cookies or shared with any other entities.

If you have questions about our security and privacy policy, please email Mini Artworks USA at